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From last minute babysitters to full-time nannies and even confinement lady, provides parents with a host of tools to find the specific type of childcare provider. is 100% free.

There are two ways:

1. Click on “SEARCH BABYSITTERS” on the menu. Enter your location or select your category and a list of available babysitters will appear.

Search Babysitters

2. You can post a job to the Job Board and then book or interview babysitters who express interest in the job.

Any discrepancies or concerns regarding babysitter profiles will be followed up. Any negative parent feedback is checked and acted upon immediately. regularly seek feedback from a random sample of site members to ensure that quality standards are maintained. Babysitters who are inactive for a number of weeks are removed from the site to ensure the list of babysitters is as current and accurate as possible. We also ask for parents’ help in monitoring quality by using our ratings system to provide feedback.

Parents can leave a rating (out of 5 stars) and write a review about babysitters they have used. To leave a rating, simply log on to the site by using your username and password. Then, search for your babysitter’s profile and leave your feedback at the bottom of the profile. We welcome your feedback because this helps us and other parents to assess the babysitters at Babysitters are able to read their own ratings and review.

All ratings and reviews submission will be moderated before it can be posted. Please be mindful that defamatory, offensive and inappropriate comments are not permitted.

There are two reasons:

1. It means that we currently do not have any babysitter available for your search criteria.

2. There are babysitters who are registered on but did not create a profile. Only babysitters who create a profile will appear in the search results. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to post a job on to find a babysitter. Any babysitter who express interest in the job is required to create a profile to apply for the job.

Please let us know if you’ve spotted a suspicious profile that perhaps contains inappropriate content or something else that doesn’t seem quite right.

Please contact us with the details of the member profile and we will investigate accordingly.

At we are committed to providing a secure environment for parents to meet nannies and babysitters.

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